About Lisa Petrillo

Expertise and experience in communications in science and technology, healthcare and health science, media and media relations. Award-winning  reporter gifted with curiosity and dedication to  finding answers. Specializing in translating complex information into clear, concise, creative and accurate copy for target audiences.

  • My media savvy increased my company’s media placements by more than 80% on R&D as complex as theoretical physics
  • As an award-winning news reporter, my writing talent opened minds, changed laws and saved lives
  • As a strategic communications leader, I turned my company’s fabrication of a solenoid into an international press event, by branding it as the world’s most powerful electromagnet, capable of hoisting an aircraft carrier out of the sea
  • Published book author, including mass-market nonfiction title on the first and only California Highway Patrolman convicted of on-duty murder
  •  I am good at what I do, I learn fast and I never miss deadline


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